Surveys editorial policies

Last updated on September 26, 2018

Relevance and clarity

Question and answer texts must be relevant, clear, and directly relate to the content of your survey. Use of the proper question type and naming of your answers can greatly improve survey quality. Google reserves the right to adjust binary answers, pinning, randomization and opt-out responses.

Question text must be in full sentences and must exclude gimmicky or unnecessary punctuation, symbols, capitalization, spacing, or unnecessarily repeat words or phrases.

Acceptable Not Acceptable
  • Surveys about knowledge test (asking for facts or general knowledge/information)
  • Surveys with compound questions (e.g. “What is your favorite restaurant? When did you last go there?”)
  • Surveys with misspelled words and incorrect grammar are not allowed
  • Surveys written in all capital letters
  • Surveys with questions and answers that are not related and can’t be understood (e.g. “If you prefer Desktop for next PC, because… Answer 1: Yes or Answer 2: No")
  • Surveys with gimmicky icons (e.g. smiley ^_^)

Supported language

Questions and answers must be written in a language that is comprehensible to the audience in the target country.

Grammar and spelling

Question text must not contain any misspellings or incorrect grammar.

For more information about the editorial policies, please check our Things to keep in mind when creating surveys.

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