Survey action

From the account dashboard, a user is presented several action options for each of the surveys listed. The following descriptions represent the different actions available to a user for an individual survey:

survey action options copy delete pause edit

Action Description
Pause A user can pause a survey once it has started running. Paused surveys will not run again unless restarted.
Restart A user can restart a paused survey if it was paused by the user directly. There are other reasons why surveys may be paused, and in those instances, the user will not be able to restart the survey. 
Edit A user can edit the survey name, tags, and description. Click on the survey title to edit a survey that has not yet been submitted.
Copy A user can copy the selected survey. Copy includes all settings and targeting options associated with the selected survey. Copied surveys still need to be submitted and paid for before they start running.

A user can delete a survey at any time except when it is pending review.

If you want to delete a recurring survey and prevent it from running again in the future, please delete the most recent recurrence or cancel the survey.

Deleted surveys are not available in your dashboard once the action has been taken. We recommend downloading survey results prior to deleting any surveys from the dashboard.

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