Code implementation guide

Paste the code in your page(s)

Once you have the Google Surveys code copied, the next step is to paste it in your page’s HTML source code.

We can't give you exact instructions for pasting the code on your specific page, since every editor and every site is different, but the following tips should help you add the Google Surveys code to the appropriate part of your page HTML.


Every HTML document is made up of bracketed tags which tell the web browser how to display the HTML elements. All HTML elements start with an opening tag (< >) and end with a closing tag (</ >). HTML documents have the following basic structure:











The opening <html> tag alerts a browser that this is the start of your HTML document.

The opening <head> tag contains your header information and is not visible when you view the page in your browser. Any text displayed between the body tags (<body> and </body>) will be displayed in your browser.

The closing </html> tag alerts your browser that this is the end of your HTML document.
For surveys to appear properly, you need to place your code right after the opening <body> tag of your source code.

If you're having trouble finding the <body> tags, try pressing the 'CTRL' and 'F' keys on a PC, or 'COMMAND' and 'F' keys on a Mac to open a Find text box. Then type '<body' (without the quotes) to find the opening tag or '</body' (without the quotes) to find the closing tag, and click Find next.

Ensure correct positioning of the survey

It's important to make sure the survey displays correctly and that your premium content is masked until the user takes action.

Wrap your premium content in a div class named 'p402_premium' so that this class can be targeted to display the microsurvey and gray out the premium content. Include the JavaScript tag right after the 'p402_premium' </div> tag. 150 characters of text are shown by default.


Before adding the code to your page, make sure that your page complies with our Publisher Program Policies. If your page doesn't comply with these policies, we reserve the right to disable surveys showing on your site and disable your Google Surveys account at any time.

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