Survey lifecycle FAQ

What happens to my survey after submission?

All surveys have to be reviewed for adherence to Google's program policies before going live. If the survey needs any edits, you'll receive an email with instructions. Surveys are reviewed within 1 business day after submission.

Will my survey start collecting responses right after it passes review?

This depends on whether or not your survey includes screening questions. Screening questions require incidence tests. If your survey includes screening, for adherence to our policies we’ll run a small test to determine if the survey meets our minimum required incidence rate. This should take less than a day, and once done, we'll email you the determined price per completed response based on the incidence of your survey. From there, you can follow the instructions included in the email to submit payment for your survey and get it up and running. You can read more about our audience testing process here.

If your survey does not include screening questions, you will be charged for the full amount when your survey is submitted. Once the survey passes the review for adherence to Google’s program policies, it will start collecting responses within a few hours.

I just submitted my survey but want to change something now. How do I do that?
Once surveys are submitted, they cannot be edited. Please ensure your survey is in the form you want it to be in before submitting. You are responsible for the content and structure of the survey.

Why does Google Surveys charge my Google Payments account before the survey goes live?
Surveys are paid for when you submit them. Submitted surveys undergo a review process where they are reviewed for adherence to Google's program policies. If the survey needs edits, you will be emailed with instructions.

In the case that your survey needs editing and those edits mean that the survey won’t work for you anymore, we’re happy to issue you a refund. All you need to do is reply to the editing instructions email and let us know.

How do I request a refund?
We want you to be satisfied with your survey results! While we are happy to issue you a refund for your survey, please note that once a refund is issued, you will no longer have access to your survey results.

For additional help regarding Google Surveys, please visit our help center.

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