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This information applies to Google Surveys 360, part of Google Marketing Platform.
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Google Surveys are priced on a price per completed response basis, with the price based on the audience you want to reach. Below we've outlined the price per completed response for different types of surveys, with prices differing for surveys with 1 question and surveys with 2 to 10 questions. A respondent's response to a survey is only considered complete if all questions in the survey were answered.

Currency General population Age, gender, or location targeted Postal-code targeted*


  1 2-10 1 2-10 1 2-10 1 2-10
USD 0.10 1.00 0.15 1.50 0.60 6.00 1.00 10.00
AUD 0.13 1.30 0.20 2.00 0.75 7.50 1.25 12.50
CAD 0.12 1.20 0.20 2.00 0.75 7.50 1.25 12.50
CHF 0.10 1.00 0.14 1.40 0.58 5.80 0.96 9.60
EUR 0.09 0.90 0.13 1.30 0.51 5.10 0.86 8.60
GBP 0.08 0.80 0.11 1.10 0.46 4.60 0.76 7.60
ILS 0.32 3.20 0.47 4.70 1.89 18.90 3.15 31.50
JPY 11.20 112.00 16.70 167.00 67.00 670.00 111.60 1116.00
RON 0.39 3.90 0.59 5.90 2.35 23.50 3.91 39.10
SGD 0.14 1.40 0.20 2.00 0.82 8.20 1.36 13.60
TRY 0.35 3.50 0.53 5.30 1.06 21.20 3.53 35.30
ZAR 1.30 13.00 1.90 19.00 7.80 78.00 13.00 130.00

* Google Surveys 360 only. Contact Surveys Sales for information.

If your survey includes screening questions, the price per completed response is custom. We determine this price based on a short audience test. Prices for surveys with screening questions start at a minimum of $3.00 per completed response and vary based on length of survey (10 question maximum), target audience, and incidence rate (minimum of 5%).

When will I be billed for my survey?

If you are a Google Surveys user, you will be billed for your survey when the survey begins.

If you are a Google Surveys 360 user, you will be billed for your survey when the survey ends. We will always make our best effort to reach the goal response count for your survey within a reasonable time. However, if your survey is targeting a highly granular audience, such as an audience based on postal codes or user lists, respondents can be hard to find and we may fall short of the goal. If we do, you will only be billed for the number of completed responses we were able to collect.

How many responses should I purchase for my survey?

The number of responses you should purchase depends on how confident you want to be in your results. A top-line margin of error of 10% or more is acceptable for some business decisions, but others require more accuracy. For general internet-audience questions, we recommend 1,500 responses to ensure that top-line results are within a 3-5% margin of error and that results segmented by one or two dimensions (e.g., age, gender, etc.) are within a 10% margin of error. The number of responses recommended in order to receive statistically significant responses can be different for targeted surveys to a custom audience.

For surveys with screening questions, note that there is a minimum purchase of 100 responses.

What currency will I be charged in?

Google Surveys supports users in the following countries:


Country Currency
Australia AUD
Austria EUR
Canada CAD
Denmark EUR
Finland EUR
France EUR
Germany EUR
Indonesia USD
Ireland EUR
Israel ILS
Italy EUR
Japan JPY
New Zealand USD
Norway EUR
Poland EUR
Romania RON
Singapore SGD
South Africa ZAR
Spain EUR
Sweden EUR
Switzerland CHF
Thailand USD
Turkey TRY
United Kingdom GBP

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