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Manage your Nest Aware subscription on the Google Store

You can save recorded footage and receive advanced alerts when you purchase a Nest Aware subscription with a compatible Google Nest device. This article gives you details about taxes, payment methods, renewals and cancellations.

For more help with Nest products, go to the Google Nest Help Centre.

Get a Nest Aware subscription from Google Store

To set up a new Nest Aware subscription:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Select Your subscriptions.
  3. Under 'Available subscriptions', find 'Nest Aware' and select Get started.
  4. Find the home that you want to add to Nest Aware and select Get started.
  5. To set up your Nest Aware subscription, follow the on-screen steps.
  6. Your subscription will start after your $0 trial ends or within 24 hours if your trial has already ended.

Tip: For more help, learn about how to buy and manage your Nest Aware subscription in the Nest Help Centre.

Change your payment method

You can change the card or payment method that you use to pay for your subscription:

  1. Go to Your subscriptions.
  2. Select Change payment method for the subscription that you'd like to update.
  3. Select a payment method and then Update.

Switch your Nest Aware subscription


  • You can’t purchase any new Nest Aware 1st generation subscriptions once you've migrated your Nest account to Google.
  • You can’t change your billing plan cycle from monthly to annually or from annually to monthly.
  • You can upgrade from Nest Aware 2nd gen to Nest Aware Plus at any time.

You can switch between Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus at any time. Visit the Subscription management page to change your plan.

Cancel your subscription

If purchased through the Google Home app, you can cancel your subscription through Google Store or through Google Play.

Renew your subscription

Subscription renewals are billed to your saved payment method every month or year automatically. Renewal periods are based on the billing cycle that you selected when you purchased your Nest Aware subscription.

Learn about taxes on your Nest Aware subscription

When you subscribe via the Google Store in Canada, Mexico or the US, your billing address determines your taxes.

  • There’s no tax change in your current billing period if you move to a new home after you start your subscription.
  • Your next subscription payment, with a possible tax change, will be based on your new billing address.
  • Subscription price includes Value Added Tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST).
  • You don’t get charged more in taxes in countries or regions with VAT or GST.

Tip: Your subscription invoice will explain the taxes that you pay for your Nest Aware subscription. You can go to any of your invoices through Google Pay.

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