Place an order at the Google Store

The Google Store is an online shop from Google where you can buy phones, laptops, home and entertainment devices, virtual reality viewers and more. Find the Google Store at Here’s how to find products and place an order.

Find products

To get started on the Store, find something you want to buy and add it to your cart. Look at the available products:

Search or browse for items

Browse by category

  1. Go to the Store at
  2. Tap Browse.
  3. See a list of product categories such as "Phones" or "Virtual Reality."
  4. Tap a category to see related products.

Search for devices

  1. Go to the Store at
  2. Tap Search Search.
  3. Enter a search term. You can search for:
  • Specific products: Enter a product name like "Pixel 2" or "Nest."
  • Categories: Enter product categories such as "Phones" or "Home."
  • Descriptions: Enter a short phrase or description and we'll try and find relevant results.
See product information and technical details
  1. Go to the Store at
  2. Tap a product to go to the product page. You'll see product info and pictures.
  3. Optional: To see technical specifications, tap Overview and then Tech specs.
Add an item to your cart
  1. Go to the Store at
  2. Tap a product to go to the product page.
  3. Tap Buy, then pick your device options and configurations (if available).
  4. Tap Buy.

View and edit your cart

Once you've found what you want to buy and added it to your cart, visit your cart to place your order.

View your cart
  1. Go to the Google Store at
  2. Tap Shopping Cart .
  • Note: you can usually find the cart in the top right corner of your screen.

Note: All items in an order will be shipped together. For more information learn about our shipping options.

Edit your cart

To make changes to items in your cart:

  • Change quantity: Tap the number next to the device and choose how many you'd like to order.
  • Delete item: Tap Remove.

Check Out

After you've reviewed the items in your Shopping Cart, click Check out to choose payment and shipping options and complete your order. Note: To buy a device from the Google Store, your shipping and billing address must be in countries where Google Store operates.

If you see "The device is no longer available”

If you see this message when you try to add an item to your card or when you're trying to check out, it's because the item sold out as you were trying to buy it. Keep checking back as the item should come back in stock soon. 

If you see "Limit reached"

You can only buy a certain number of a single device using your account. If you're trying to buy more than the limit, you may see this message. 

Manage your order

Once you’ve placed an order you can track it on its way to you. 


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