For help with Google Store purchases that you received in the last 15 days, including pricing and refund questions, please contact us here. For help on common issues with your Google Store order, check out this guide.

Sales tax on Google Store orders

You're charged sales tax on your Google Store order if it's delivered to one of the states listed below. The rate depends on the state's sales tax rate and is applied to the total cost of your order (including delivery and handling in some states). You'll see the tax amount when you check out.

US states where Google collects tax

Alabama (select cities) Idaho Michigan North Dakota Vermont
Arizona (select cities) Illinois Minnesota Ohio Virginia
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi Oklahoma Washington
California Iowa Missouri Pennsylvania West Virginia
Colorado (select cities) Kansas Nebraska Rhode Island Wisconsin
Connecticut Kentucky Nevada South Carolina Wyoming
District of Columbia Louisiana (select cities) New Jersey South Dakota  
Florida Maine New Mexico Tennessee  
Georgia Maryland New York Texas  
Hawaii Massachusetts North Carolina Utah  

Learn about taxes on your Nest Aware subscription

When you subscribe via the Google Store in Canada, Mexico or the US, your billing address determines your taxes. If you start your subscription and then move to a new home, there’s no tax change within your current billing period. Your new billing address determines your taxes for your next subscription payment.

The price of your subscription includes value-added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST). For countries and regions where there’s VAT or GST, you don’t get charged more in taxes.

To check how much you paid in taxes, you can access any of your invoices via Google Pay. These invoices show the taxes that you pay for your subscription.

Tax-exempt customers

If you are tax-exempt, you may still need to pay taxes at the time of your Google Store purchase. If you think that you’re eligible for a tax refund, contact us.

If you’re eligible and want to ask for a refund, contact our support team with:

  • Name
  • Order number
  • State where your order was delivered.
  • Items for which you’re requesting a refund
  • Amount of the tax refund
  • Whether the purchase was for personal or business use

All refund requests are subject to review and only purchases made during tax holiday periods are eligible for tax refunds.

Tax holidays

Some states in the US offer sales tax holidays throughout the year. To see if your purchase qualifies, contact your state’s department of revenue/taxation. Here’s a listing of state department websites.

California recycling fee (California only)

If you buy a device with a screen over 4 inches wide and send it to a California address, your purchase will also include a flat e-waste tax for each device. This includes laptops, tablets and display assistants, but excludes mobile phones. Learn more about the California recycling fee.

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