Understand your Google Store charges and receipts

Learn about your receipt and order number, authorisation holds, Pixel Pass charges and Value Added Tax (VAT) invoices.

Find your receipt and order number

After you place an order on the Google Store, you get a confirmation email that includes your order number and receipt.

If you placed an order while signed in, you can also get a receipt online:

  1. Go to Google Pay.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Select Activity.
  4. To get your receipt, select an order.

Japan only: If you’re based in Japan, the above steps will generate an invoice. To get a receipt, contact the Google Store.

When you place an order or receive an advanced replacement, Google Store contacts the issuing bank or card provider to make sure that your payment method is valid. Your bank or card provider reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorisation expires. Authorisation holds are temporary and are not actual charges.

  • The authorisation hold is removed after an order is dispatched from Google or cancelled
    • If you received an advanced replacement order, the authorisation hold is removed once Google receives your original device.
    • Japan only: When using a debit card, you may see authorisation holds as charges on your online statement. These charges are automatically reversed by your bank. It can take up to 45–60 days for charges to be reversed.
  • For more information about authorisation holds, such as when they'll be removed or how they work, contact your card provider or issuing bank.
How an authorisation hold is placed

When you place an order, an authorisation hold is placed on the payment method on file. A hold can appear on your account as a pending online transaction from Google Store.

  • Authorisation hold was successful:
    • The order is dispatched and the authorisation hold is removed.
  • Authorisation hold was unsuccessful:
    • You get an email that asks you to update your payment method details within seven days.
    • If you don’t update your payment method within seven days, your order is cancelled and the authorisation hold is removed.
Double authorisation holds

In some cases, you may get two authorisation holds for the same order because of the delivery process:

  • If an authorisation hold expires before the order is dispatched from the warehouse, a second authorisation hold may be applied.
  • This hold happens when the order date is seven days or more from the dispatch date.

Get a Value Added Tax (VAT) invoice

Important: If you checked out as a guest and need a VAT invoice, contact Google Pay.

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