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Learn about Google's recycling program

Google strives to ensure that our products are designed, packaged, and recycled in a sustainable way. We can help you recycle your old Google products, as well as other electronics no longer in use. Learn more about Google's commitment to the environment.

For EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and recycling information, go to our WEEE page.

Devices you can recycle through Google Store

There are various items you can recycle through Google Store. The list of accepted items is subject to change.

Items you can recycle with Google

Device type



Examples include chargers, power supplies, cables, phone cases, and keyboards

Streaming devices

Examples include Chromecast and Fire Stick

Fitness trackers

Fitbit is an example

Home speakers



Includes Chromebooks

Nest Smoke & CO Alarms

Google Nest devices only

Nest Thermostat

Google Nest devices only

Security cameras & smart locks



Examples include Google Pixel, Samsung, and iPhones



Examples include Pixel Slate and iPad mini

VR headsets

Examples include Google Cardboard and Meta Quest 2

Home network equipment 

Examples include WiFi routers and WiFi access points

Wired & wireless earbuds


Pointy boxes (2G)

Google-branded Pointy box only

Pointy boxes (4G)

Google-branded Pointy box only

Recycle your devices

Before you recycle your devices, perform a factory reset and clear your data to protect your personal information. Check with your manufacturer for data removal instructions.

Learn about Google's recycling program | Google Store

Recycle your device by mail

You can request shipping at no additional charge. Our third-party recycling partner will send a postage-paid shipping label to your inbox. To recycle by mail:

  1. Ask for a shipping label.
  2. Place your device in a sturdy box.
  3. Attach the label to the box.
  4. Follow the shipping instructions.
    • You can also drop the package off at a collection site near you.
  5. Your device will be recycled responsibly.

Drop off your device at a local recycler

Check for businesses that offer recycling drop-off services with keywords like "electronics recycling near me" in Search or Google Maps.

Tip: Results depend on the local coverage in your area and information availability in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Recycling information by region

For more info, tap or click the button below and select the most relevant country.

Additional recycling information for residents of India

ERI is Google's recycling partner in India. To recycle your device:

  1. Request a prepaid shipping label through the ERI website.
  2. Safely pack your product.
  3. Follow the shipping instructions.
  4. Ship with the label at no charge.
For more information, contact the ERI team

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