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You can learn more about your Google Store authorisation holds, possible extra fees and Pixel Pass charges.

When you place an order or get an advanced replacement, Google Store contacts your bank or card provider to validate your payment method. Your bank or card provider temporarily holds the funds until the transaction is processed or the authorisation expires.

  • The authorisation hold is removed after a parcel is dispatched from Google or is cancelled:
    • If you get an advanced replacement package, the authorisation hold is removed after Google receives your original device.
  • Payment authorisations typically stay on a user's account for 1–21 business days, based on the card provider's policies.
  • For more information about authorisation holds, contact your bank or card provider.
How an authorisation hold is placed

When you place an order, an authorisation hold may appear on your account as a temporary Google Store transaction.

  • If the authorisation hold is successful:
    • The parcel is dispatched and the authorisation hold is removed.
  • If the authorisation hold is unsuccessful:
    • You get an email that asks you to update your payment method details within seven days.
    • If you don't update your payment method within seven days, your order is cancelled and the authorisation hold is removed.
Double authorisation holds

In some cases, you may get two authorisation holds for the same parcel because of the delivery process:

  • If an authorisation hold expires before the parcel is dispatched from the warehouse, a second authorisation hold may be applied.
  • This hold happens when the dispatch date is seven days or more from the order date.

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