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Buy a Pixel phone & trade in your old phone for a credit

When you buy a new Pixel phone, you can get credit when you trade in your old phone through Google Store. Trade-in through Google Store is available in Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Choose a new Pixel phone Send in your old phone Get credit for your trade-in

1. Choose a new Pixel phone

Buy a new Pixel phone and get a trade-in estimate for your old phone.

Trade in your old phone | Google Store

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Add a trade-in to your Pixel phone purchase
  1. Go to the Google Store
  2. Choose a Pixel phone.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose your new phone’s:
    • Color.
    • Storage space, if applicable.
    • Carrier, if applicable.
  4. Select Get Estimate.
  5. To check the estimated value for the trade-in, provide your old phone’s details.


    • If you don't find your phone’s manufacturer, model, or storage size on the list, it's not eligible for trade in. 
    • The initial estimated value is based on the information you provide. The final trade-in value is based on inspection after your old phone is received. Any differences between the information you provide and your phone’s actual condition may impact the phone’s final trade-in value.
  6. Before selecting "Add trade-in," if the value changes after inspection and you’d like your phone returned to you, uncheck Accept the new value if it changes after inspection.
  7. To add your trade-in phone, select Add trade-in.
    • The estimate is valid for 30 days from when you receive your new phone.
  8. Choose your Pixel phone coverage plan or select Skip.
  9. To add the new phone to your cart, select Add to cart.
  10. Continue shopping or select Go to cart.
  11. To complete your order and get ready to trade in your phone, choose how to pay and select Proceed to Checkout.
  12. Once your order is confirmed, you'll get a confirmation email with further trade-in instructions.
    • If you don’t get an email, contact our support team.                                        


2. Send in your old phone

  • To check the status of your prepaid trade-in kit, select Trade-in details from your order history.
  • Trade-in kits are shipped after your new device is sent to you or when you pick up your new device in-store. In some cases, the kit may take more than 5 business days to reach you. If you don’t receive your trade-in kit within 10 business days of receiving your new device, contact our support team.


  • Your trade-in estimate is valid for 30 days from the day your new phone is delivered.
  • You can send your trade-in device at any time. However, if your device is shipped more than 30 days after your new device was delivered, its assessed value may decrease based on changes to its market value. The current market value is determined by the trade-in terms and conditions.
  • Trade-in requests are limited to one address change per order. If you use the wrong address for the trade-in request or you need another trade-in kit sent to you, contact our support team. Trade-in kits are shipped within 3 days from updating your address. Address changes are limited to one additional request per order.

Prepare your trade-in phone for maximum value

To ship your trade-in phone, use the prepaid trade-in kit sent to you and follow the detailed instructions included in the kit.

  1. Prepare your old phone:
    1. Transfer data from your old phone to your new one. 
    2. Remove activation locks from the phone.
    3. Factory reset the phone. Do not reset through the Recovery menu or by using your phone’s buttons.
    4. Erase any downloaded SIMs or remove any SIM and memory cards. 
    5. Power off the phone.
  2. Pack your phone in the prepaid trade-in kit.
  3. Attach the shipping label.
  4. Ship the phone through UPS. To find UPS dropoff locations near you, go to ups.com/dropoff.
    • If you don't want to continue with your trade-in, throw the trade-in kit away.


    • Once you send in your phone, you can't cancel the trade-in process. 
    • Do not send in devices with damaged or swollen batteries. These won’t receive any credit and can’t be returned.
    • Your trade-in transaction expires at the end of 6 months from the date of purchase of your new Google device.
Financing & warranties
  • If you financed the phone you want to trade in, you'll continue to be responsible for those payments after the trade-in.
  • For the phone you want to trade in, make sure to cancel warranties from other providers.
  • If you trade in a phone with Preferred Care 2-year coverage from the Google Store, you’ll receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your plan.


3. Get credit for your trade-in

Learn how to check your trade-in status and what impacts your trade-in credit. 

  • To check the status of your trade-in, select Trade-in details from your order history.

Receive your trade-in value credit
  • As soon as we receive your trade-in phone, we’ll usually inspect it within 5 business days and notify you of the results via email.

If the trade-in phone's post-inspection value matches the estimated trade-in value:

  • You'll receive a credit to the form of payment used for your new phone purchase.
    • Credit card refunds may take up to 14 business days to apply to your card.
  • If the trade-in value credit exceeds the cost of your new Pixel phone, the excess amount is provided as Google Store credit.

If the trade-in phone's post-inspection value is lower than the estimated trade-in value:

  • If you checked “Accept the new value if it changes after inspection” during the purchase process, you will receive a credit matching the post-inspection value. The credit will be applied to the form of payment used for your new phone purchase. 
    • For credit cards, this credit may take up to 14 business days to apply to your card.
  • If you unchecked “Accept the new value if it changes after inspection” during the purchase process, we will return your phone to you and you won’t receive any credit.




  • If you return the new phone you bought with your trade-in, you'll get the trade-in value credit as Store credit in your account.
  • For Google Store financing, you’ll get the trade-in credit added to your financing balance, which lowers your monthly payments.
  • If you purchased your phone using a carrier payment plan, such as Verizon's device payment plan or AT&T's installment plan, the amount financed will be reduced by your post-inspection value. You will be charged for a refundable trade-in deposit, which will be refunded to you after inspection of your old phone. 
  • When you sign up for Pixel Pass, you have the option to trade in an old phone.
    • If you trade in your phone before your first billing cycle: The estimated trade-in value is spread over the next 24 months of your Pixel Pass subscription, which reduces your monthly bill. 
    • If you trade in your phone after your first billing cycle: The estimated trade-in value reduces your total number of monthly Pixel Pass payments.

Tip: If we can't issue your post-inspection value to your form of payment, then the value shall be issued as Google Store Credit and subject to Google Store Sales Terms.

Understand your final trade-in value assessment

Your estimated trade-in value may decrease for many reasons such as:  

  • The phone doesn’t turn on, turn off, or there’s a problem with the charging port.
  • The screen:
    • Is unresponsive, cracked, damaged, or bruised. 
    • Has missing pixels.  
    • LCD is dark or burnt out.
  • The phone has a damaged or swollen battery. 
  • A factory reset hasn’t been performed and the activation lock is still on.
  • The model received is different from the one selected.
  • The phone is shipped more than 30 days after the new phone was delivered.
  • The phone is reported lost or stolen.

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