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Subscribe to Pixel Pass

Pixel Pass is a monthly subscription that includes a new Pixel phone every two years, device protection, and premium Google services like cloud storage and content without ads.

What comes with Pixel Pass

Pixel Pass includes:

  • A Pixel phone, with the option to upgrade to a new Pixel after 2 years
  • Preferred Care or Fi device protection, covering accidental damage and screen replacement
  • Google One: Automatic backups and 200 GB of cloud storage
  • YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium: YouTube videos without ads and non-stop music streaming
  • Google Play Pass: Hundreds of games and apps without ads or in-app purchases on the Play Store
  • Phone plan options
    • If you subscribe through Google Store, you can use your phone with any mobile carrier.
    • If you subscribe through Google Fi, you must use a Fi plan. You get a $5 monthly discount on the plan.

Subscribe to Pixel Pass

  • Pixel Pass is only available in the United States.
  • You can only have one active Pixel Pass subscription per Google Account.
  • You must use a personal Google Account to subscribe to Pixel Pass. You can’t use an account for someone under 13 years old, a Brand Account, or an account you use for work or school.
  • You can’t add Pixel Pass to a Pixel phone you already own. If you bought a new Pixel phone and are still within the standard return window, you can return your phone for a refund then subscribe to Pixel Pass.
  • If you have an active Google Fi plan, you can subscribe to Pixel Pass through Google Fi. If you have an active Google Fi phone subscription, you need to cancel your subscription first.
  • You must be eligible for Google One, YouTube Premium, and Google Play Pass.

If you already have a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership

  • To subscribe to Pixel Pass, cancel your YouTube Premium membership first. When you get Pixel Pass, your YouTube Premium service, including your music library and playlists, will carry over.

If you already have a Google One or Play Pass account

  • If you signed up for Google One or Play Pass through Google, your services transfer to your Pixel Pass subscription when your device ships. 
  • If you signed up for Google One or Play Pass through another company, cancel your existing subscription to avoid paying for that subscription and Pixel Pass at the same time.
  • If you’re a member of a Google One family plan, you can’t subscribe to Pixel Pass. You can either:
  • If you already have a Google One plan higher than 200GB, you need to subscribe through Google Store or switch to a lower storage tier to subscribe through Google Fi.

Subscribe through Google Store

Important: To subscribe to Pixel Pass, you must be signed in to a Google Account. You also must be approved for Google Store Financing when you checkout.

  1. Go to the Google Store.
  2. At the top, click the Pixel dropdown menu and then Pixel Pass.
  3. Under the Pixel phone you want to get, click Subscribe. Then pick your device options and configurations (if available).
  4. Click Continue to checkout and complete the financing application.
  5. Once approved, finish your purchase. If you already financed a prior purchase with Synchrony, just pay with Google Store Financing at checkout.

Subscribe through Google Fi

Important: To complete checkout on Fi, you can't have more than two Pixel phones in your order, including any phones that come with a Pixel Pass subscription.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Google Fi.
  3. Under “Meet Pixel Pass,” click Learn more.
  4. On the Pixel Pass page, click Get started.
  5. Choose a Fi plan and a device 
  6. Review your order, then click Confirm purchase.

Start using Google services included in Pixel Pass

When your Pixel phone ships, you can start using the Google services included in Pixel Pass. 

To use your services, sign in to your Google Account on the associated app. Learn how to download apps to your Pixel phone.

You can also use the services on the associated website:

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