Crowd Choice

Stadia games that feature Crowd Choice create their own polls to let YouTube viewers decide what happens in a game during a live stream. Poll questions and results will be displayed in the YouTube chat window next to the live stream.

Set Up Stadia Crowd Choice & Crowd Play Beta

Vote for what happens in the game

When you view a YouTube live stream of a Stadia game that features Crowd Choice, you can select buttons in the YouTube chat window to vote for what happens in the game. Other polls let you type choices directly into chat.

You can vote on options like weapon or level selections, power boosts, dialogue options, and more. The option that receives the most votes in chat will show up in the game's live stream.

For more information about how Crowd Choice works in specific games, check with the game's developer.

How to vote

To vote in a Crowd Choice poll:

  1. Go to a YouTube livestream of a Stadia game that has Crowd Choice enabled.
  2. When a poll appears in the chat, vote for what you want to happen.
    • Buttons: For some polls, buttons will appear in the YouTube chat window on the web or on your mobile device. Select a button to vote in the poll. You can only vote once in this type of poll.
    • Text vote: For other polls, a prompt will appear to type your vote directly into YouTube chat. For these polls, you can vote more than once.

When the poll is complete, you'll see the results in the chat window, and the most popular choice will show up in the game that's being streamed. Results will stay pinned to the chat window, so you can view them after the vote has ended.

Live stream a Crowd Choice game to YouTube

When you live stream a game to YouTube that supports Crowd Choice, your viewers can participate in polls that affect what happens in the game.

Note: Currently, you can stream Stadia games to YouTube using third-party encoder software.

Live stream with OBS or other third party software

You can use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or other third-party software to live stream Stadia games to YouTube. See below for instructions on how to stream with OBS and YouTube Studio.

Note: If you stream Stadia games with third-party software like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), some live streaming features may only be available via this third-party software.

Step 1: YouTube Studio

  1. On your computer, go to
    • Note: Make sure you're signed into the channel associated with the account you linked with Stadia.
  2. Select Create and then Go live.
  3. On the left navigation panel, select Manage and then Schedule stream.
    • Note: If you've never used YouTube Live Control Room before, follow the on-screen instructions to start a stream using third-party software.
  4. Choose a title for your stream.
  5. Choose your privacy settings.
    • Note: If you choose to make your stream viewable by children, you won't be able to use enhanced features like Crowd Play and Crowd Choice.
  6. Click Create stream.
    • Note: If you've set up a stream before, you can click Reuse settings.
  7. Click the title of your stream.
  8. Next to "Stream key (paste in encoder)", click Copy.
  9. Under "Stream latency", select Ultra-low latency.
Learn more about YouTube Studio, installing OBS and streaming to YouTube, and YouTube stream settings.

Step 2: Third-party software

Create a YouTube live stream using a third-party encoder such as OBS.

Step 3: YouTube Studio

  1. Return to YouTube Studio in your browser.
  2. At the top right, click Share .
  3. A YouTube link will appear. Copy the video ID that appears after "". For example: "YUX3trjOJgc".

Step 4: Set up your stream on

  1. On your computer, sign into your account on
  2. At the top, click your Stadia avatar and then Stadia settings and then YouTube.
  3. Next to the channel you want to link to, click Link with Stadia.
    • Note: If you don't have a YouTube channel, click Create a channel and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Return to the Stadia home screen and launch the game you want to stream.
    • Note: Games you stream with third-party software must support stream enhancements like Crowd Choice or Crowd Play.
  5. Open the Stadia menu and then click Live stream.
  6. Click Use streaming software.
  7. Paste your YouTube video ID into the text box.
  8. Turn on any enhanced features, such as Crowd Choice or Crowd Play.
  9. Click Done.

Hide the Stadia menu from your viewers

When you live stream to YouTube using third-party software like OBS, viewers can see your Stadia menu when it appears over the game. To hide the Stadia menu from your viewers, you can move it to where your viewers can't see it:

  1. Open the Stadia menu.
    • If you're using a Stadia Controller, press the Stadia button Stadia button.
    • If you're using a computer keyboard, press Shift + Tab.
  2. In the top right corner of the menu, click Pop out Pop out.
  3. Click and drag the Stadia menu to an area on your display where the game doesn't appear, such as the extended display on a second monitor.

Learn more about creating a live stream with an encoder and live stream settings on YouTube.

Crowd Choice FAQ

When the Crowd Choice feature launches, which games will support it?
At launch, Crowd Choice will be supported in Baldur's Gate 3 and Dead by Daylight.

Note: We strive to make all games available in countries where Stadia is available. In some cases, publishers may elect not to make their games available in all countries.

Where can I vote on Crowd Choice streams?
Crowd Choice is only supported on YouTube live streams. You can vote on or in the YouTube app for Android or iOS.

I'm a streamer. Can I create my own Crowd Choice questions, or decide when they appear for my viewers?
No. The developers of games that support Crowd Choice will determine the questions, and when they are asked.

I'm streaming a Crowd Choice game to YouTube. Do I have to follow my viewers' poll results?
In some instances, you may be able to go against the choice of the crowd.

Can I moderate chat while I'm streaming to YouTube?
Yes. YouTube has a wide range of moderation tools you can use during your Crowd Choice live stream.

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