Stadia servers will be turned off on January 18, 2023. Please review the Stadia Announcement FAQ for more information. The refund process will take us some time to complete, and we expect to have the majority of refunds completed by the wind-down date. Please allow us until this time before contacting our support team regarding the status of your refund(s). Our support team has no further information to share and will not be able to expedite your refund.

Buddy Pass for Founders

Stadia Founder's Edition comes with a Buddy Pass that can be used to invite a friend to join Stadia. If you're a Founder and have a Buddy Pass to share, you'll see a Buddy Pass icon on the Home tab in the Stadia app Stadia icon. To get started, just tap Buddy Pass Buddy pass envelope icon.

What's included

A Buddy Pass is an invite code that lets one person join Stadia. If your buddy redeems the code, they'll receive a 3-month Stadia Pro trial subscription with games to play for as long as they're subscribed.

Play together

Buddies can claim Stadia Pro games to play at no extra charge for as long as they're subscribed. They can also buy games to play whether or not they have an active Stadia Pro subscription.

How Buddy Pass works

  • Share your Buddy Pass with any friend or family member who lives in a supported region and who hasn't already signed up for Stadia.
  • If you're a founder, you have three months to send your Buddy Pass code to a friend before it expires, and your friend has 3 months from the day you sent them the code to redeem it.
  • Your friend can redeem a Buddy Pass code when they create their Stadia account. If they already have an account, they can also redeem a Buddy Pass code if they have an active Stadia Pro subscription and haven't already redeemed a Buddy Pass or Pro Pass code on their account.
  • If you share the Buddy Pass invite code with multiple people, only the first person to redeem the code will be able to sign up and receive the 3-month Stadia Pro trial subscription.
  • If you return your Founder's Edition for a refund before your buddy redeems the code, they won't be able to use it.
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