Deleting your Stadia account

You can delete Stadia from your Google Account. This will remove your Stadia data, which includes all games, purchases and your player profile.

How to delete your Stadia account

  1. Open Delete a Google service and then sign in with the Google Account attached to your Stadia account. 
  2. Select Stadia Stadia icon
  3. Read the summary of what happens when you delete Stadia from your Google Account.
  4. Tap the box next to Required and then tap Delete Stadia

What happens when you delete your account

  • You'll permanently lose access to your games and all other purchases made in Stadia. Your games and other purchases cannot be downloaded or moved to another Google Account. 
  • Your game progress and achievements will be permanently deleted. 
  • Your list of friends, chat history, and other activity within Stadia will be permanently deleted. 
  • Your full player name will be permanently deleted. You will not be able to use this name if you sign up for a new Stadia account. 
  • Your saved screenshots and clips will be permanently deleted. 
  • This will not delete your saved live stream videos, which will still be available in YouTube. 
  • This will not delete any data collected or stored by publishers of the games you’ve played.

Restore a deleted Stadia account

You can restore a Stadia account within the first 30 days after you requested deletion. To restore your account, contact Stadia customer support.

Important: After 30 days, your account can no longer be recovered because your data has been permanently deleted. 

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