Bandwidth, data usage, and stream quality

Bandwidth requirements

An internet connection speed of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) or greater is the minimum recommended to use Stadia. A slower network speed can cause issues while playing games on Stadia. 

In addition, you’ll need a network speed of 35 Mbps or greater  a compatible TV with a Chromecast Ultra, and an active Stadia Pro subscription to play in 4K resolution.

Even if you’ve signed up for an internet plan of 10 Mbps or greater, we recommend testing your connection on the device you’ll use in the location where you want to play.

If your connection speed is slower than 10 Mbps or your home experiences an unstable internet connection, you may want to contact your internet service provider (ISP).

Note: We do not support playing Stadia on cellular internet connections.

Data usage options



Data usage

Limited data usage

Up to 720p

Up to 4.5 GB/hr


Up to 1080p

Up to 12.6 GB/hr

Best visual quality (Stadia Pro only)

Up to 4K

Up to 20 GB/hr


To update your data usage options:

  1. Open the Stadia account menu in the Stadia app.
  2. Choose Data usage & performance.
  3. Select your desired option.

Note: You can only change these settings in the Stadia mobile app but they will apply everywhere you’re signed in to Stadia.

Stadia Pro display and audio

With Stadia Pro, 5.1 surround sound, 4K resolution, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics are enabled by default to make your games look and sound even better. This means that HDR and Best visual quality settings are toggled on automatically for Stadia Pro subscribers. This can be changed in Stadia settings.

These features are only available during gameplay. When enabled, the icons for each feature in use will be visible via the Stadia menu on your Chromecast Ultra » Connection.

Stadia Pro display and audio

5.1 icon

5.1 surround sound

4k icon


HDR icon

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Note: 4K, HDR, and 5.1 surround sound are currently only supported on Chromecast Ultra, and require compatible hardware and network speeds.

Stream quality

Connection status helps you understand the quality of the stream, based on internet connectivity and the data usage settings that you select. To see your connection status, open the Stadia menu by tapping the Stadia button on your Stadia Controller.

The connection statuses you may encounter include:

Connection status

What it means

Excellent connection icon


You are playing in 4K, and your internet connection is excellent. 


Note: 4K gameplay is only available with an active Stadia Pro subscription, a compatible TV with Chromecast Ultra, “Best visual quality” enabled, and ≥ 35 Mbps connection speed

Good connection icon


Your internet connection is strong. Games should run smoothly. 

Ok connection connection


Your internet connection may have less than ideal bandwidth, or may experience network congestion. You may or may not notice a slight drop in resolution or framerate. See troubleshooting steps to improve your connection.

Bad connection. Game may stop.

Game might stop

Your network connection has low bandwidth and may be experiencing significant  network congestion. Gameplay is degraded and games may stop. See troubleshooting steps to improve your connection.

Improving your connection and troubleshooting

If you are experiencing slow game responses, degraded visual quality, or disconnects,, there may be a problem with network congestion. Try these steps:

Turn off 4K

  1. From your mobile device, open the Stadia app.

  2. Tap Settings and then Data usage & performance.

  3. Tap Balanced or Limit data usage.

Turn off High Dynamic Range

  1. From your mobile device, open the Stadia app.

  2. Tap Settings and then Display.

  3. Toggle High Dynamic Range (HDR) off.

Visit our Troubleshooting connection and stream quality issues article for more common issues and troubleshooting steps.

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