Stadia Controller and your privacy

When you use Google products, you’re trusting us with your information. Google is committed to keeping your data private and safe.

The Stadia Privacy Notice and the  Google Privacy Policy apply to your use of the Stadia service, Stadia mobile app, and the Stadia Controller.

Information Google collects when you choose to share diagnostics and usage data

Here is a description of the information collected when you opt-in to share diagnostics and usage data from your Stadia Controller. This opt-in choice is presented to you while setting up your Stadia Controller through the Stadia mobile app, and choosing “Yes, allow sharing” on the “Share diagnostics and usage data” screen. This setting will apply to anyone who uses your Stadia Controller, even when they are playing Stadia using their own Google account.

Device performance and reliability

  • Software health. This gives us information about the software currently running on the controller, and its overall health, so we can push new software updates and keep your controller running at peak performance.

  • Wi-Fi stability. This tells us about the stability and quality of your device’s Wi-Fi network connection.

  • Communication errors. This gives us helpful information around how reliably your device is communicating with the Stadia service, and our media and control servers.

  • Setup success rates. This tells us how well our setup process is working, along with diagnostic information to help understand any errors that may occur.

  • Latency. We measure how long it takes to launch Stadia, so we can continue to improve on startup times across a broad range of wireless network types.

  • Audio and mic quality metrics. This tells us how well Google Assistant is working, along with statistics and performance information about headphone/mic audio streaming quality.

  • Device hardware diagnostics. This gives us insight into the memory and CPU on the device and how they affect device performance.

  • Battery performance. This tells us if the battery is discharging at the right level, and allows us to alert you to when the overall charge is low enough to affect gameplay.

Device stats

  • Assistant interactions. We collect the number of interactions with the Google Assistant and how quickly it answers your queries, so we can continue to improve and fine-tune the integrated Assistant experience. 

  • Hardware interactions. We collect hardware interaction counts (joysticks, triggers, button presses) to understand how users are using our devices and to monitor for reliability.

  • Reboots and factory resets. We count the number of reboots and factory resets initiated in order to monitor the reliability of our devices.

Crash reports

  • Device attributes. We collect basic information about your device hardware model and software version.

  • Actively running processes. We collect information about when your device crashed, which system process crashed, and what other processes were actively running at the time.

Information Google always collects

  • Device attributes. We collect basic information about your device type, including model number, software build version, and analytics opt-in status.

  • Controller inputs. We process the Stadia Controller’s inputs to enable you to navigate the Stadia platform and for gameplay.

  • Media sessions. The Stadia Controller sends your requests for screen captures and video clips to the Stadia service, so it can collect and provide you with memorable content from your gaming sessions.

How this information is used 

We use this information to improve the performance and reliability of our products and services. 

Change your setting

To change whether Google collects diagnostic and usage data through your Stadia Controller after the initial setup, follow the steps below. You will need to reconnect your controller to Wi-Fi as part of this process.

  1. Turn on your Stadia Controller by pressing the Stadia button,Stadia icon, for 1 second.

  2. Hold down the Capture + Assistant buttons,Capture button+Assistant button, for 6 seconds. After 6 seconds, your controller will rumble.

  3. Once the LED ring is flashing orange, open the Stadia mobile app on your phone.

  4. Tap the game controller icon, located in the top right corner of your screen.

  5. Select your Stadia Controller, which will show a status of “Setup Wi-Fi”. 

  6. When you reach the “Share diagnostics and usage data” screen, update the opt-in setting for your controller.

  7. Reconnect your controller to Wi-Fi as directed by the Stadia mobile app.

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