Managing your Stadia account settings

Use the Stadia account menu to manage your Stadia account in the app or on the website.

Open the Stadia account menu:

  1. Sign into your Stadia account in the app or on the web.
  2. Select your avatar in the top right corner of the screen.

Find more information about what you can manage in your Stadia account and how in the sections below.

Switch Stadia account

  1. Open the Stadia account menu.
  2. Choose Switch account.
    • If there are no other accounts listed, you will be prompted with the sign in screen.
    • If there are other accounts listed, you can select one to sign in.
    • If the account you want to use is not listed, select one of the following to add it:
      • Select Add account on
      • Select Add another account in the Stadia app.

Change settings

Note: We recommend you use the Stadia app to change settings since some settings are not currently available on the web. More settings will be available soon on

Changes you make in settings will apply everywhere you’re signed into Stadia. For example, if you change Data usage settings in the Stadia mobile app, they’ll apply when you play on using Chrome, and on Chromecast as well.

  1. Open the Stadia account menu.
    • If you’re on the web, choose Stadia Settings after selecting your avatar.
  2. Tap any setting below to change or find more information.

Stadia Name & avatar

You cannot change your Stadia Name directly in the app or on the website. To change your Stadia Name, contact us.

You can change your Avatar as often as you like. Simply tap a new avatar to change it.

Friends & privacy

You can set Who can find you and send you friend requests, Who can see details about you, and Who can send you invites to one of the following choices:

  • Friends
  • Friends & their friends
  • All players

You can manage Games using your friends list to offer social features like seeing your friend’s online status or inviting friends to play.

If you get an error  that asks you to refresh your account access, you can do so under Account access errors in the Friends & privacy settings.

Learn more about privacy settings.

Purchases & subscriptions

Any active or canceled Subscriptions you can manage will show up at the top of the screen.

You can find any of the following transactions you’ve made in Purchase history:

  • Purchases
  • Returns
  • Pending returns
  • Redemptions
  • Chargebacks

Select any transaction to get more information. You can also Get support or Get a refund.

Data usage & performance

Based on your data needs, you can choose Best visual quality (Pro subscription only), Balanced or Limited data usage, which takes effect the next time you open a game. Stadia automatically adjusts for the best experience based on your internet connection and preferred quality.

Learn about Bandwidth, data usage, and stream quality.


If you have a Pro subscription, you can turn High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics on or off. HDR is not available for players who do not have a Pro subscription. HDR requires compatible hardware. See the Troubleshooting connection issues article for requirements and troubleshooting tips.

Learn about Bandwidth, data usage, and stream quality.


When you Create a family group, you can set up a family form of payment. You and any members you add to the family group can ask to buy games with this family form of payment.

If children are in the family group, you can also manage their purchases, privacy settings, and more.

For more information on how to create and manage a family group, go to our Kids and Family article.

Blocked players

Blocked players are unable to send you friend requests or chat invites and are removed from your friends list. But you might be able to see them in party chats or within games.

You can view and Unblock any currently Blocked players you have here.

Note: You cannot block a player in this setting. To block a player, go to that player’s profile.

Google Assistant

Note: You can only change these settings in the app, not on the website.

You can turn on Google Assistant in your account to use the Assistant in Stadia.

When you turn on Google Assistant, you’ll be asked to review service and privacy disclosures. You can then choose to Allow or Skip the Assistant personalization.

Once completed, you can go to Settings for Google Assistant to do the following:

  • Turn Personal results on or off.
  • Unlink Stadia from the Assistant.

For more information, go to the Google Assistant on Stadia article.

Redeem code

If you have a redemption code for a game or subscription from a gift card or promotion, you can enter it here.

Terms & Notices

You can select and read the following Terms and disclosures below:

  • Terms of service
  • Privacy disclosure
  • Impressum (Germany only)

You can also read the following Licenses below:

  • Open source licenses
  • Stadia Controller open source licenses
  • Stadia Chromecast open source

On the Stadia app, you can also view the version number of mobile app in this section.

Manage your Google Account

Important: Changes to these settings will affect all accounts connected to Google services, not just your Stadia account.

  1. Open the Stadia account menu.
  2. Choose Manage your Google Account.
  3. Select one of the following tabs to manage: Personal info, Data & personalization, Security, People & sharing, and Payments & subscriptions.

For more information about Google Account settings and how to manage them, go to the Managing your Google Account Settings article.

Add account to Chromecast

Note: You can only add your Stadia account to Chromecast with the app, not on the website.

For more information on how to add your Stadia account to Chromecast, go to the Adding your Stadia account to Chromecast article.

Sign out

Note: You can only sign out of your Stadia account on the website, not in the app.

  1. Open the Stadia account menu.
  2. Choose Sign out at the bottom of the Stadia account menu. If you have more than one account, the button will say Sign out of all accounts instead.
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