Add an account security PIN to your TV

After you add your Stadia account to your Stadia-compatible TV, you'll be asked to create an optional four-digit security PIN on the TV screen. This PIN is a code you can set if you don't want other people to use your account on that TV.

Add your PIN

When prompted on the TV screen, select Add security pin to get started, or Done to skip.

Note: If you skip creation of a PIN during setup, you'll have to remove and re-add your account to your TV if you want to add a security PIN.

Enter and confirm your PIN

  1. After you select Add security pin, use the buttons on your controller to enter your security pin. The key at the bottom of the TV screen lets you know the number that each button represents.
    • Press B button to delete a number.
  2. Once you enter 4 digits, re-enter them to confirm your security pin.
    • If the second PIN doesn't match the first one, you'll be asked to enter it again.
    • Press B button to cancel.
  3. Once your security PIN is confirmed, press X button on your Stadia Controller to go to the home screen on your account.
    • Press B button to cancel and go back to the Account picker screen.
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