Create a Stadia account

You can sign up for Stadia on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. Before you can create a Stadia account, you'll need:

  • A Google Account: If you have Gmail or any other Google service, you already have a Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account, you can create one before or during the signup process.
  • (Optional) An invite code: You don't need a code to sign up for Stadia. If you received an invite code with a hardware purchase or promotion, you can redeem it when you create your account. Some codes can also be redeemed after you create your account.
    • Note: If you received a code with a Founder's Edition bundle, it can only be redeemed when you create your Stadia account.

Sign up for Stadia on the web

You can create a Stadia account on your computer using Google Chrome.

Sign in with your Google Account on

  1. Using Google Chrome, go to
  2. Sign into or select the Google Account you want to sign up with.

To use an account that is not displayed, or to create a new Google Account, select Change account.

Important: If someone with a supervised Google account (for example, a child) attempts to sign up for Stadia, their family manager (for example, a parent) will need to help them create a Stadia account.

Confirm your Google Account

  1. Make sure that the Google Account displayed is the one you want to sign up with.
  2. Choose Yes or No next to the questions and then select Confirm.
  3. Optional: If you answer Yes to any of the questions, a text box will appear so you can redeem a code. Enter your code in the box, then select Next.
    • If you don't have a code, or if the code is not valid, select Back and then select No in the dropdown menu next to every question and then select Confirm.
Once you confirm your Google Account with Stadia, you can't switch it later. All of your Stadia information and activity will be tied to this Google Account, and cannot be transferred.

You might not be able to create a Stadia account if:

  • You deleted (or asked to delete) Stadia from the Google Account you selected.
  • A Stadia account has been disabled on the Google Account you selected.
  • We're still working on a request to recover Stadia on the Google Account you selected.
  • Stadia isn't yet available in your country.
  • Stadia is at capacity in your region and you don't have an optional code to redeem. If you experience a regional limit when you try to create your account, try again in a few days.
  • You're using a G Suite account or an organization's account.

Review our policies

  1. Review the Stadia Privacy Notice.
  2. Review the Stadia Terms of Service.
  3. Check the box to agree and then select Next.

Pick a Stadia avatar

  1. Scroll to move through the selection of Stadia avatars.
  2. Select the avatar you want to pick.
  3. Select Next.

Claim your Stadia Name

  1. Type your unique player name into the Stadia name text bar.
    • Don't use your real name.
    • Pick a name from 3 to 15 characters long.
    • Only use characters A–Z, a–z, and 0–9.
    • Avoid prohibited words and phrases.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Select Confirm to continue, or Back to go back.

Choose privacy settings

  1. For every privacy setting, select from the following choices in the dropdown menu:
    • Friends
    • Friends & their friends
    • All players
    • No one
  2. Select Next.

Tip: Not every setting will have every option listed above. You can always change your privacy settings later.

Sign up for email updates

  1. To get the latest updates and invitations for Stadia features, select Sign up for email updates.
    • If you don't want to sign up for email updates, select Not now.
  2. Select Next.

Start your Stadia Pro subscription

If you didn't redeem an invite code for Stadia Pro, you'll be eligible for a Stadia Pro trial subscription.

  1. To start your Stadia Pro trial subscription, select Start trial.
  2. Verify the payment information associated with your account, then select Subscribe.
  3. To continue, click the button on your screen and choose games to claim or purchase.

Verify controls and get started

After your Stadia account has been created, you can start playing:

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