Set up Stadia for kids and families

Parents have special controls and privacy settings to help manage their children's Stadia experience, including which games they can play and who they can play with. Parents also need to set up a family payment method so their children can send them requests to make purchases in the Stadia store. To manage these settings, use the Stadia family dashboard or the Family Link app Family Link on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: Family group managers can also add supervision to any family group member's account after the account is created. The family manager must approve every purchase on Stadia made by each supervised family group member on an iPhone or iPad using the family payment method.

Getting started

Before you begin, you'll need to set up a Google Account for your child, where they will be added to your Google family group. Your child needs to request to create a Stadia account. As the group's family manager or head of household, you will receive an email notifying you that your child wants to join Stadia. Follow the instructions to set up a Stadia account for your child.

During setup, you'll need:

  • A computer with access to the internet from a Chrome browser
  • Optional: The Stadia invite code you or your child received from a friend's invitation or from a Stadia purchase. Learn more about code redemption.
  • Your preferred payment information.

Step-by-step instructions

During setup, you and the child will need to perform some setup steps together:

  1. Child: Open the latest version of the Stadia app Stadia icon on the child's mobile device, or go to
  2. Child: Request to sign up for a new Stadia account in the Stadia app Stadia icon or on
  3. Parent: Open the email "Your child wants to join Stadia", then select Get started.
  4. Parent: If you or your child has an invite code, you can choose to enter it now.
    • Note: The invite code can be entered at this step. Some codes can also be redeemed with the family group manager's permission after the account has been created.
  5. Parent: Follow the steps until you a see a message notifying you that you're almost done setting up Stadia for your child.
  6. Child: If you redeemed an invite code, you'll have to request a Stadia Pro trial subscription.
    • Note: If you didn't redeem a code, you'll still have the option to request a Pro subscription after you've created an account.
  7. Parent: If the child requested a Stadia Pro subscription, open the email "Your child sent you a purchase request" and select Review purchase request. You can approve the request on the Stadia family dashboard or in the Family Link app Family Link.
  8. Child: In the app or on the website, claim and request to play a free Stadia Pro game.
  9. Parent: Open the email "Your child sent you a play request" and select Review play request.
  10. Parent: Approve the play request on the Stadia family dashboard or in the Family Link app Family Link.
  11. Child: If the child is using the Stadia app Stadia icon, wait for it to update on their device.
    • If the child wants to use a Stadia controller on a TV, skip to step 12.
    • If the child wants to play with a compatible mobile device and gamepad, have them sign into their account on the Stadia app Stadia icon and tap Play Stadia Play button on the game they want to play.
    • If the child doesn't have a Stadia Controller, they can play on a computer. Have them open a Google Chrome browser window and sign in to their account at
  12. Parent: To let your child play on a TV using Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia Controller, set up your Chromecast in the Google Home app Google Home app.
  13. Child: To set up your child's Stadia Controller, tap the controller icon in the Stadia app Stadia icon on the child's mobile device. Follow the steps to set up their controller.
  14. Child: Add their Stadia account to the Chromecast.
  15. Child: Use the Stadia Controller to enter the linking code displayed on the TV.

Note: When your child is prompted on their phone or tablet to add their Stadia account to the Chromecast, they might see the message "Enter the code displayed on your device." If they see this message, they should follow these steps to start playing the game:

  1. Child: On the child's mobile device, open the Stadia app Stadia icon.
  2. Child: Tap the game they want to play.
  3. Child: Under Play Stadia Play button, select the Chromecast they want to play on.

Gameplay limits

When you set up a Stadia account for your child, you can set limits on the game content they can access, as well as your child's ability to connect with other players. After setup, you can manage these settings on the Stadia family dashboard.

Note: If you set restrictions while your child is playing a game, they won't take effect until the next time they start a game.

  • Games restrictions by rating: You can set content restrictions based on game ratings. Your child can access every game at the rating you choose and below. Games with a rating above the one you've chosen will not be visible to your child in the Stadia Store tab.
  • How your child connects with other players: You can choose if you want your child to be able to play multiplayer games or voice chat with other players online.

Privacy settings

Your child has the same privacy options as other players. You can choose the privacy options for your child. Your child will be able to see the privacy settings you've chosen, but won't be able to change them. After setup, you can manage these settings on the Stadia family dashboard.

Parent purchase and play approvals

For purchases made on, Chromecast Ultra, or iOS, you will receive a purchase approval request. Your child will be able to request to buy games from the Stadia store and to play games that don't require a purchase, such as games that come as part of a subscription.

Purchase approvals

Your child can make purchases on Stadia through a variety of devices, like their phone or computer. In order to set up your child's account, you must set up a family payment method they can use to subscribe and make purchase requests.

You must approve all purchases made by supervised family group members on, Chromecast Ultra, or iOS. You can approve the purchase remotely using the Stadia family dashboard, or directly on your device with the Family Link app Family Link.

Here's how it works:

  1. On their device, a child sees a game in the Stadia store and taps Buy.
  2. The parent receives an email request to review the purchase, then approves or denies the purchase.
    • The parent can make this decision remotely on the Stadia family dashboard.
    • The parent can also make this decision directly on the device using the Family Link app Family Link.
  3. If the parent approves the purchase, the game will appear in the child's library.

Play approvals

A Stadia Pro subscription allows players to claim games as part of their subscription benefits. When new games are offered, and if the game is at a rating level you've approved, your child will see the game in the Stadia store under "Stadia Pro games". They can claim the game, but they must send an approval request to the parent, and the parent must approve, in order to play it.

Parents and children can sign into Stadia on their own devices and perform Play Approval steps together:

  1. Child: Tap Claim next to a game available to claim in the "Stadia Pro" section of the store.
  2. Child: Tap Play Stadia Play button to bring up the play dialog for that game.
  3. Child: Tap Play request Play request.
  4. Parent: Receive an email to review the play request.
  5. Parent: Approve or deny the request through the Stadia family dashboard on the web or through the Family Link app Family Link on a mobile device.
  6. Parent: Approve the request and the game will appear in your child's library, or decline the request and the game will not appear in your child's library.

Note: Sometimes a child won't receive a confirmation that a request was sent after they select Play request Play request. We're working to resolve this issue.

Publisher Consent

When your child makes a request to buy or play a game from a new publisher, you'll have the option to give "Publisher data use consent." If you provide consent, publishers can access your child's Stadia friends list during multiplayer games to enable features like game invites or matchmaking. Once you give consent, you can revoke or renew it for individual publishers from your Stadia family dashboard at

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