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Use voice chat to talk with other players

You can talk with other Stadia players when you connect a microphone or headset to your controller or compatible device. When voice chat is available, a notification appears on your screen. The notification includes the status of your microphone or headset.

Voice chat options

Type of chat Features
Party chat Talk with other party members while you play the same game or switch games
Game chat Talk with other players in the same game if in-game chat is supported

Voice chat troubleshooting

  • The built-in microphones on the Stadia Controller, as well as the built-in microphone on your mobile device, cannot be used for voice chat. You won't get pop-up notifications about the status of these microphones in the Stadia app Stadia icon. However, you can adjust audio options in the Options menu under 'Audio'.
  • On TVs and streaming devices, you can listen to party chat and game audio over your headset, but Bluetooth® microphones can't be used to speak to other players. Learn how to use Bluetooth devices with Google TV.

Switch between party and game chat

When you join or create a party, you'll be switched automatically to party chat. While you're playing a game, you can switch between game and party chat:

  1. On your Stadia Controller, press the Stadia button Stadia button.
  2. Select View party and then Options Settings icon.
  3. Under 'Audio options' and then 'Who you're speaking to', select:
    • Game chat: Chat with other players in supported multiplayer games.
    • Party chat: Chat with your current party.
    • None at the moment: Exit voice chat.

Find the voice chat status of party members

While you're in a party chat, find the voice chat status next to your Stadia Name:

  • Mic on: You are speaking to the party.
  • Muted: You have muted yourself.
  • No mic: You do not have an available microphone.
  • Disconnected: You are disconnected from the party chat.

The status of other party members appears next to their names:

  • On: The player is speaking to the party.
  • Off: The player is not speaking to the party.
  • Muted: The player is muted.
If you get disconnected from party chat, unplug and replug your headset back in. If that doesn't work, try to switch the 'Who you're speaking to' selector in your 'Party settings' menu to None right now and then back to Party chat.

Voice chat options during a live stream

When you live stream directly from Stadia to YouTube, you can only change voice chat options in the live stream options menu. Just press the Stadia button Stadia button (or Shift + Tab on your computer keyboard) and then select Manage stream and then Options Settings icon.

Type of live stream chat Features
YouTube and game chat Your live stream viewers and other players in game chat will be able to hear you.
YouTube only Only your live stream viewers will be able to hear you. If you're in a game chat or party chat, its members won't be able to hear you and you won't be able to hear them.
Party chat only No voices will be live streamed. You'll only hear your party chat, and only your party chat members will be able to hear you.
No one No voices will be live streamed. Players in your game and party won't be able to hear you, and you won't hear them either.

If you select party chat only, you'll remain in your party chat after your stream ends. However, unless you select YouTube and game chat and your microphone is not muted, you'll need to rejoin your game chat after your stream ends. To do this, press the Stadia button Stadia button (or Shift + Tab on your computer keyboard) and then select Options.

Note: You can mute your microphone in the Manage stream menu while you stream directly to YouTube. Select Manage stream and then click the microphone icon next to your Stadia Name. When you mute your voice, it won't be heard on your YouTube live stream, voice chat or party chat, depending on the chat preference that you set.

Change live stream audio options

When you change voice chat options while you stream directly from Stadia to YouTube, it might affect who can hear your voice. For example, if you switch from Party chat only to YouTube and game chat, you'll no longer be able to speak to (or be heard by) your party.


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