Get grungy with color and texture. Tap to select a texture. A icon will appear on the texture style thumbnail once selected. Tap the icon again to randomize the placement of the texture. To make further adjustments, swipe vertically on the image to access the edit menu. Once an option has been selected, swipe horizontally to enhance. The menu includes:

  • Style Choose from 1500 variations of color and tonality by swiping left and right. A number value corresponding to the selected Style will appear on the image, so favorite Styles can be easily revisited on future images.
  • Brightness Darken or lighten the image.
  • Contrast Increase or decrease the overall contrast of the image.
  • Texture Strength Adjust the opacity of the selected texture. A value of 0 will ensure no texture is added.
  • Saturation Add or remove vibrancy to the colors in the image.

Feeling lucky? Tap on the Grunge home screen to get a completely randomized grunge effect.

Image by Ronald Wotzlaw

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