HDR Scape

Get the larger-than-life look of high dynamic range photography in an instant, no tripod required.


Use the HDR Scape filter to transform a single photo into a tone-mapped masterpiece. The HDR Scape filter opens up the shadows while it simultaneously pulls out detail in the highlights, giving the overall effect of a dream-like, evenly-exposed image full of texture and life.

Available Controls:

This pop-up menu provides a range of different tonemapping styles to best suit your subject.

Filter Strength
Swiping to the right increases the tonemapping effect on the image. Swiping to the left reduces the effect.

Swiping this control to the right brightens the entire image. Swiping to the left darkens it.

Swiping to the right will increase the saturation, or vibrancy, of the colors throughout a photo. Swiping to the left decreases saturation. A value of -100 will result in a photo completely without color.

Swiping to the right softens the contrast in the individual points of the image for a silky smooth look overall. Swiping to the left maintains the contrast for a slightly grainy, gritty effect.

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