Adding a filter effect

After opening an image, tap on one of the filters from the list on the left.

You can adjust what a filter does by tapping one of the controls on the bottom control bar or swiping left and right directly on top of your photo. Some filters have controls that appear on top of the image, providing even more control.

Most filters can be adjusted by swiping left and right, or up and down. Swiping left and right lets you adjust the selected enhancement.

Swiping up and down lets you choose which enhancement to use.

Tapping and holding the Compare button any time shows you the before image. Releasing the Compare button shows your photo with the current filter applied.

To apply the filter, tap the Apply button or tap the Cancel button to go back to the filter selection screen without applying the filter to your image. After applying or canceling a filter, you can select another filter to apply.

Experiment with the order of filters for different results. Using different filters and changing the order they are applied gives you virtually infinite enhancement possibilities.

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