Get a little dirty: Give your photos a totally unique, hip look with the Grunge filter. Hundreds of styles and textures let you explore without limits until you’ve got exactly the look you want.


The Grunge filter adds a random texture to the image while changing the colors throughout the image and drawing attention to a portion of your image with both a vignette and center focus effect. When the filter is first opened, a control is available at the center of the image. Tap and drag this control to change where the enhancement is applied. Zoom or pinch to increase or decrease the size of the area in focus.

Available Controls:

Tap this button to shuffle the various controls found within the Grunge filter. This is a great way to quickly experiment with different looks of the image.

Tap the texture button to show a list of available textures. Tap the Properties button to randomize the angle and position of the texture to provide a different texture look for each image.

Swiping to the left and right will change the color distribution throughout your photo. Experiment with the different positions of this control to find the color values that work best with each particular photo.

Swiping this control to the right will brighten the entire photo, while swiping to the left will darken it.

Use the Contrast control to increase the difference between the brightest object and the darkest object. Swiping to the right will increase the contrast. Swiping to the left will reduce the contrast.

Swiping to the right will increase the saturation, or vibrancy, of the colors throughout a photo. Swiping to the left decreases saturation. A value of -100 will result in a photo completely without color.

Texture Strength
Swiping to the right to increase the visibility of the texture in the image. Swiping to the left to make the texture more subtle. A value of 0 will applies no texture to your photo.

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