Add style with the Drama filter: A tap or two creates a custom effect tailored to your photos, ranging from subtle enhancements to wildly artistic effects.


Drama is a new and unique filter that makes it possible to create highly stylized images. Drama creates a different and tailored effect based on each image and can range from a subtle enhancement of textures and details to an over processed effect that mimics the look of HDR images.

Available Controls:

Tap on this pop-up menu to select from different Drama styles. Each style changes the size of the objects affected by the Drama filter.

The Strength control adjusts the intensity of the Drama filter. Swiping to the right creates a more stylized effect. The closer the value to 0 the more subtle of an effect.

Swiping to the right increases the saturation, or vibrancy, of the colors throughout your photo. Swipe to the left to decrease the saturation. A value of -100 will result in a photo completely without color.

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