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Using nothing more than your finger, make amazingly precise selections automatically and add enhancements in seconds with the revolutionary U Point technology. Tap an area in your photo and swipe side-to-side to adjust.

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Selective Adjust introduces Nik’s award-winning, patented U Point technology to your mobile device. U Point technology makes it possible to simply point and selectively enhance objects, without the normal time-consuming and complicated tools required to make selections. With nothing more than your finger, you can make incredibly precise selections in seconds. Selective Adjust uses Control Points, making it possible to simply tap on an object in a photo and selectively adjust the color and distribution of light (or tonality) in an image.

To use a Control Point:

1. Tap on the Add button.

2. Tap on the object or area that you want to enhance. A control point will be placed where you tap. Move the control point at any time by dragging the control point.

3. After adding a Control Point, swiping left or right will darken or lighten the object you selected.

3-a. To increase the area affected, use two fingers to make a zoom gesture and pinch out. This will increase the reach of the control point. Increasing the reach causes the Control Point to look for similar enhancements needed farther and farther away from where the Control Point is placed. While adjusting the reach, a circle is shown describing the range of the Control Point. While this is shown as a circle, the effect will only be applied to objects that are similar to the object selected by the Control Point. To reduce the reach of the control point, make an inward pinch gesture.

The red overlay that is shown on your image while using the pinch and zoom gestures shows where the control point is affecting the image.

4. To adjust the selected object’s contrast or saturation, swipe your finger up or down. Add additional Control Points until you have created the desired enhancement. Control points can also be reset, cut, copied, and deleted. Copied control points can also be pasted to different parts of the image. To bring up the menu for a control point, tap on the control point once and select Reset, Cut, Copy or Delete. To paste a control point that was already copied, tap once on an area that does not include a control point and select Paste.

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