Tune Image

Your photo will never feel the same once it’s been tuned: Adjust White Balance, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, or try Ambiance to create depth and vibrance.


The Tune Image filter is the perfect enhancement to improve the tonality, or distribution of light, and overall appearance of any image.

Available Controls:

Swiping to the right brightens the photo, while swiping to the left darkens it.

The Ambiance control is a special type of contrast that controls the balance of light in a photo. It can be used to balance backlit photos or to accentuate contrasts throughout your photo. Swipe right for photos where the subject is darker than the background. Swipe left to increase the contrast of dark objects and create a slight glow around darker objects. This is especially helpful in photos that are slightly flat.

Swiping to the right increases the contrast, while swiping to the left reduces the contrast.

Swiping to the right increases saturation, or vibrancy, of the colors. Swiping to the left decreases saturation. A value of -100 will result in a photo completely without color.

White Balance
Use the White Balance control to adjust the color balance of the image. This is helpful if the image was shot in a difficult lighting situation. Moving the control to the left will cool the image, making it bluer and less orange. Moving to the right will warm the image, making it more orange and less blue. At the extreme ends of the control are the ability to correct for fluorescent and other more extreme colorcasts.

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