Skillshop achievements and certifications

When you sign up for Skillshop, you'll get access to achievements, certifications, and related study materials.

An achievement in Skillshop is a recognition you'll get when you pass the final assessment in a learning path. Think of achievements as milestones on your way to learning new skills. While achievements aren't formal accreditations, they're acknowledgements of your hard work on Skillshop.

Certifications are granted when you pass the certification assessments and meet the qualifications for the certification. A certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google products and solutions like Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform.

You can view and print your achievements and certifications in your Skillshop Profile.

To earn an achievement and/or a certification:

  1. Go to a learning path.
  2. Prepare for the assessment by taking the activities contained within the path.
  3. Take any associated certification assessment(s).
  4. When you pass the assessment, you'll earn a certification that you can view and print on your profile page.

Steps to print your achievements and certifications:

  1. Sign in to Skillshop.
  2. Click your icon in the upper right, then click My Profile.
  3. Scroll to the Achievements and/or Certifications sections. You'll see any achievements and certifications you've earned.
  4. View your achievement or certification by clicking the name.
  5. To print or download your achievement or certification, click the Print Certificate button.

You can also print your achievement or certification immediately after passing the assessment.

Keep in mind, an achievement in Skillshop is not a formal certification. However, a certification in Skillshop is a formal accreditation. Certifications are granted when you pass one or more assessments that meet the qualifications for the certification. To find certifications, look for learning paths that have the name “certification” in their title. For a more in depth look into one of Skillshop’s many certification offerings, see this Help Center article  on the Google Ads certification. 


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