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Updated: Today
Adding a Table I need to ask if there is any way to insert a table into a NEW Google sites web page? I know that it…
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Classic Sites - document location I have a site in Classic Sites called and on a page I am trying to add a file from documents but can…
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(New fonts are great!!) However, Italic font not rendering properly once published. Looks like the italics versions of fonts won't render properly when published. I've seen it before i… DNS non valid hello, i have a problem with my page. i created a google site page and i put ".es" is working good b…
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Instagram Embeds Not Resizing Properly on Mobile I am trying to embed an IG post into my google site. But I keep getting this horizontal scroll bar i… blog in new sites i created a blog-page (how) can users comment on entries? I get a 404 error on my google site I have the following google site: https://sites.google.com/a/araznajarian.com/wiki/Home/capture I tr… Why can't I add a subdomain even though the primary domain is the same? I put mail.newworldth.ml in my custom url, but I still have to verify my domain when it is. newworld…
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Restricted Access Google Sites and Google Drive I have a Google Site that is restricted to residents of an HOA. I also have Google Drive that is als…
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how do I find the google account my google site is managed on. I have the site url, not the account I want to remove my site I created in 2015. I have the URL but not the google account it was created…
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Updated: Yesterday
Is creating and uploading a sitemap file necessary for a small site? For a new and small sites made on Google Sites (~ 5-6 pages), would it be necessary to create and up… How can I remove the abuse button from Google Sites? Anyone can report my site without reason. I was able to hide the time the page was last updated through the settings, but I need to hide or re…
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A Google search finds my website but the home page will not load. Other pages will load. Doing various keyword searches finds my website home page and other pages. The home page heading in … i bought a domain on google and now i have my site but i do not know how to build the site, i do not bleva një domain në google dhe tani kam faqen time por nuk di si ta ndërtoj sitin, nuk di si të fus … https://mydomain.com (without the www) won't redirect anywhere. I have set a custom domain name for my Google Site. The following URLs all redirect to https://www.m… how to add video on google site How to add Video on Google site like Pinoy Tambayan
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My Google Site is Taken down and getting 404 error. My all business is based on that site. My google Site URL https://sites.google.com/view/usaspells/cast-love-spells-free is taken down and s…
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