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Updated: Today
My website is not working My website is suddenly stopped working. I did not delete my site but now its showing no site present…
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My restored site's URL is wrong. I need to have my old URL redirect to the new URL, or reuse the old URL.
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how do i delete duplicate photos i have quite a few duplicate photos and i want to delete them, can anyone tell me how?
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Google site taking for ever to be Google indexed This thread in the Search community (Site not indexed - Search Console Community (google.com)) indic… Is it okay to export my google sites html file and use it to make webpage on my University's server? Is it okay to export my google sites html file and use it to make webpage on my University's server?…
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My website won't convert to New Sites. How can I learn the reason so I can try to fix the problem(s) When I attempt to convert my website from classic Sites to New Sites, the process quickly fails and … My site will not show up on any web searches, even though my settings seem correct. Confused! All of my settings seem correct - the website opens up fine, and it can be viewed properly online. B… Meu site não funciona. Embora minha propriedade do domínio tenha sido confirmada na central do Googl Minha propriedade do domínio www.ilicitoempresarial.com.br foi confirmada com sucesso pela "Central …
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Updated: Yesterday
Scamming https://sites.google.com/view/rauwalejandro-giveaway/halaman-muka The person is scamming people with my artist image. Is there any way to take this out or even legall…
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publishing a (new) google site - can't assign my domain: in use by site already deleted? I have converted a classic gsite to a new site. My problem is getting my domain to point to it. I ha…
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How do I add accounts for people to sign into on the new Google Sites? I am wondering how I can add accounts onto my Sites for people to sign in to if they need to have a …
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Troubles uploading HTML files I've been trying to publish some HTML files. After all the process, I click "publish" and I keep get…
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How can I remove the abuse button from Google Sites? Anyone can report my site without reason. I was able to hide the time the page was last updated through the settings, but I need to hide or re…
0 Recommended Answers 38 Replies 2 Upvotes
Change listing name/webpage tag When I search for my page through google, the main title/name is "Home", so the page doesn't stand o… Full Screen embed Youtube live streaming is not working Hi Everyone, I'm having a problem with Youtube live stream, where the full screen feature is not ava…
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Google sites error My problem concerns the publication of the google page. I am trying to redirect the page on the doma…
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Dear, please, Anyone who can help me to insert "Jsmol script" to Google site. How can I insert "Jsmol script" (http://wiki.jmol.org/index.php/Main_Page) into the Google sites? I … custom url (= proper domain name) for classic google site it seems you now have to join (against fee) google workspace (former gSuite) in order to achieve abo…
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