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Change the root URL of sites in Google Apps

Google Apps administrators can change the root URL for all sites in their domain. Using "" as the example domain, and example-site as the site, the standard URL for a site is, This could be changed to through the Google Apps control panel.

  1. Access the Site Settings screen in the Google Apps control panel
  2. On the "General" tab, select "change URL" in the "Web address" section
  3. Follow the instructions provided. Depending on your domain registrar you might need to make CNAME changes. Instructions to do this will be provided.

Note: there can be up to a 24 hour delay for these changes to propagate.

When private sites are accessed via this new URL, users will be redirected to the standard URL. So users could access a private site via but would redirected to the standard URL of

Please note, that if you experience issues with your subdomain not mapping properly, you can try to delete and re-enter the subdomain name if the first effort at changing the base URL fails.

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