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Page names and titles

Your page has two separate attributes -- the page URL and the page title, also referred to as the page name. These are both different from and independent of your site URL and site name, which are linked to each other.

When you create a page, you will be prompted to give your page a name, and that name will be used to automatically create the page URL. However, you can change your page URL or change your page name independent of each other at any time.

Changing your page name

Your page name is what appears at the top of your browser tab, on your navigation menus, and throughout the administrative side of your site, among other places. To change your page name:

  1. Navigate to the page whose title you want to change and click the Edit page icon, which looks like a pencil.
  2. Your page title will be in the top text box in your page's main content area. Change this to be whatever you want your page to be named.
  3. Click Save.

Hiding your page name

If you do not want your page name to appear at the top of the page and as part of the name on your browser window, you can turn your page name off:

  1. Navigate to the page whose title you want to turn off.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Page settings.
  3. Uncheck the box next to Show page title.
  4. Click Save.

Please note that hiding your page title will not prevent your page title from showing up on your sidebar or horizontal navigation bar. To do this, you will need to remove pages from your sidebar or remove pages from your horizontal navigation bar.

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