Create pages within a site

Your Google Site is a collection of individual pages. Unless you create a site from a site template, your site begins as just a single homepage. Follow these steps to create new pages within your site.

  1. From your homepage, click the New page icon.
  2. Choose a page template.
  3. Name your page. Google Sites will generate a URL (web address) based on the name you choose, but you can alter it by clicking Change.
  4. Choose where to locate your page within your site:
    • Put page at the top level: Top-level pages are the most general in your site's hierarchy. They exist at the same level as your homepage, and it's easy to create subpages beneath them. They are best for main categories of your site's content.
    • Put page under {current page}: The second option is to place your new page as a subpage of the page you were on when you clicked "Create page".
    • Choose a different location: Choose to nest your page under any other page in your site.
  5. Click Create page.
You can create as many pages you like within a site, but note that your site may not work well with more than 1,000 pages/attachments.

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