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An overview of site sharing

You can control who can view or edit your site by changing the sharing settings on your site. If you want everyone to be able to view your site without signing in to a Google Account, you can set your site as public. Alternatively, you can specify which people can do certain actions on your site by setting their access level to "Can view," "Can edit," or "Is owner:"

Anyone you set as "Can view," "Can edit," or "Is owner" must have a Google Account or Google Apps Account to share your site.

Levels of control for your site

You have two options for setting permissions on your site:

  • Site-level permissions: In this scenario, you treat your site as one entity -- the access level that a person has for one page is the same for any other page on your site. This is the easier of the two options.
  • Page-level permissions: With page-level permissions, you control the access level for each person for each page separately. This is useful if you have a site that contains information that only some people are allowed to see.

What access levels mean

Users set to "Can view" can:

  • View pages

Users set to "Can edit" can:

  • Create, edit, delete pages
  • Move pages
  • Add attachments
  • Add comments
  • Subscribe to site and page changes

Users set to "Is owner" can:

  • Do everything that users set to "Can edit" can do
  • Set other people as "Can view," "Can edit," and "Is owner"
  • Change site themes and layout
  • Change the site name
  • Delete the site

As users set to "Can view" and "Can edit" can read, copy or redistribute information you share on your site, use caution when including sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, financial account information, home addresses or phone numbers.

Google Apps and access levels

If you are a Google Apps user, you can also control sharing settings across the entire domain. However, if your Google Apps domain is managed by an administrator, the administrator can restrict your ability to share your site with people outside your domain.

You can invite any number of people to share your site, but Google will only send 50 invitations per day. Google will then go through your list of invitees, sending out 50 additional invites per day until we have sent out invites to everyone on your list.
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