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Keyboard shortcuts for new Google Sites

Note: This article is for the new Google Sites ("Publish" button at the top right). Get help for the classic Google Sites.

You can save time using keyboard shortcuts to do tasks, such as manage your site or print a page.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts work differently on Windows/Chrome OS and Mac computers. On Mac computers, use  instead of Ctrl, and Opt instead of Alt unless noted.

Page, section, and menu shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Open shortcut menu Ctrl + /
Open the context menu of any particular page, section, title, or embed section

Ctrl Shift x
Also works on Mac

Select a section Enter key or spacebar
Resize the embed Alt Right or Left arrow keys
Navigate between elements Tab or Shift Tab
Navigate the options inside a menu Arrow keys
Grab a page, section, or embed Enter
Release a page, section, or embed Esc
Move the section or embed Arrow key after grabbing the section or embed
Nest the page After the page is grabbed, use Right arrow key
Unnest the page

After the page is grabbed, use Left arrow key

Move focus to next or previous page Up or Down arrow keys
Expand or collapse children 

Left or Right arrow keys

Interact with elements in the focused page Tab
Grab or drop page

Space bar (arrow keys to move)

Focus first page Home
Focus last page


Expand all pages

Editing shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts while editing a page.
Action Shortcut
Increase or decrease the list nesting level Tab and Shift Tab
Bold Ctrl b
Italic Ctrl + i
Clear formatting Crtl + \
Align left Ctrl Shift + l
Align center Ctrl Shift e
Align right Ctrl Shift + r
Numbered list Ctrl Shift 7
Bulleted list Ctrl Shift 8
Insert link Ctrl + k
Move item up, down, left, or right Up, Down, Left, or Right
Move item in or out of a group Shift + Left or Right
Reorder items in a group Up or Down
Apply Normal Text Ctrl Alt 0
Apply Title Ctrl Alt 1
Apply Heading

Ctrl Alt 2

Apply Subheading Ctrl Alt + 3


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