Starting September 1, 2021, classic Sites will not be viewable by others. Learn how to convert to new Sites today.

Siden du har forespurt, er ikke tilgjengelig på språket ditt ennå. Du kan velge et annet språk nederst på siden. Eventuelt kan du bruke den innebygde oversettingsfunksjonen i Google Chrome til å oversette en hvilken som helst nettside til det språket du foretrekker.

Compare new Sites & classic Sites

We rebuilt Google Sites. In new Sites you can:

  • Create websites without programming experience or knowledge of code.
  • Invite other editors to collaborate in real time.
  • Automatically optimize for mobile or desktop so people can easily view your content anywhere.

Compare new Sites and classic Sites:

Design & organize

Usability: Create and manage your site on a simple and intuitive interface. Yes No
Draft and publish: View draft and published versions of your site. Yes No
Review changes: Preview edits before you publish them. Yes No
Modern site tiles: Use image carousel, placeholders, buttons, collapsible text, and more. Yes No
Cloud Search: Add a Cloud Search box to your site. Yes No
Site Info icon: Add a Contact Owner form and view the last updated date of a site. Yes No
Templates: Choose a predesigned template optimized for your site’s purpose. Yes Yes
Themes: Select from predesigned themes with different colors and fonts. Yes Yes
Custom design: Change colors, fonts, and other visual elements to better reflect your brand. In development Yes
Mobile-friendly: Adjust your site to the best layout for a computer, phone, or tablet. Yes No
Logo: Add a logo to your site. Yes Yes
Copy a page: Create a new page by copying an existing page. Yes Yes
Copy a site: Create a new site by copying an existing site. Yes Yes
Add subpages: Add multiple subpages under any other page. 5 levels of subpages Unlimited


View & edit

Custom web address: Set up your site to appear at a web address you already own.

Yes (always secure)

Yes (http only)
Google Domains: Use one-click integration to map a web address to a Google-managed domain. In development No
Site permissions: Decide who can access or edit your site. Yes Yes
Page-level permissions: Decide who can access or edit individual pages on your site. No Yes
Visitor comments: Add a section where visitors can add comments. No Yes
Editor comments: Collaborate with other editors on a draft site. In development No
Browser support: View and edit a site on any browser that works with Google Workspace.   Yes Yes

Analyze & access

Google Analytics: Analyze data and make better decisions about your site with Google Analytics. Yes Yes
Screen readers: Enable people with visual impairments to experience your site with screen readers. Yes Yes
Keyboard shortcuts: Save time on common tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Yes Yes


For admins

Sites control: Turn Sites on or off for your domain. Yes Yes
Edit and create permissions: Manage users’ ability to edit and create sites within your domain. Yes Yes
Control settings: Control who shares sites, templates, and other settings. Some controls for new Sites are based on your organization’s Drive settings. Yes Yes
Drive: Your site is part of Drive, but doesn't count toward your storage limits. Yes No
Drive API: Access sites programmatically. Create new Sites and perform file-level actions, such as managing permissions and copying existing sites. Yes No
Sites API: Allow your apps to modify content within a Google Site. In development Yes
Vault: Retain, hold, search, and export data for your organization’s retention and eDiscovery needs. Yes No

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