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Insert a chart into a site

Inserting a chart into a site is a helpful way to display data or information from a spreadsheet on your site. For example, you can insert an organizational chart to show your business' organizational structure or a geomap to show where your family members live.

Charts in sites display information from a Google spreadsheet. If you insert an existing chart into a site, it's a copy of the chart in the Google spreadsheet. If you create a new chart in a site from spreadsheet data, your chart will dynamically update if the spreadsheet data changes.

To insert a chart into a site, follow these steps:

  1. Open the site page you'd like to insert a chart into.
  2. Click the edit page button.
  3. Go to the Insert menu, and select Chart.
  4. Select a spreadsheet from the list that contains the chart data you'd like to display.
    If the spreadsheet already contains a chart, you can select the chart. This will be a snapshot of the spreadsheet chart, and the chart won't update if spreadsheet data is modified. To insert a chart that dynamically updates, open the charts editor and select the Live option.
    If the spreadsheet doesn't already have a chart in it, enter a range of data. If you mark Live, the chart will update as spreadsheet data is modified. If you mark Snapshot, the chart won't update unless you manually do so. Learn more about creating a chart.
  5. Once you've selected or created a chart, click OK.
  6. On the next page, you can adjust the dimensions of the chart and change the title. When you've done so, click Save, and the chart will be inserted into the page.

Here are some tips and things to keep in mind:

  • You can find detailed information about how to create Google spreadsheets charts in the charts section of the Google Docs Help Center.
  • When you're selecting a range of data to display in a chart, you can specify sheet names. For example, you could enter 'Sheet1!B12:F18'.
  • Anyone viewing your site can view a Snapshot chart. If you've selected Live updating for your chart, only people who have access to the spreadsheet will be able to view an updated version of the original chart.
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