A partir del 1 de septiembre del 2021, los usuarios no podrán ver la versión clásica de Sites. Descubre cómo cambiar a la nueva versión de Sites hoy mismo.

Usar Google Sites con un lector de pantalla

Lectores de pantalla y navegadores recomendados

Google Sites recomienda Chrome y:

  • NVDA o JAWS en Windows
  • ChromeVox en ChromeOS
  • VoiceOver en macOS

Nota: Esta sección corresponde a la nueva versión de Google Sites (en la parte inferior derecha, se muestra la opción Crear Crear). Ayuda para la versión clásica de Google Sites

ChromeVox screen reader shortcuts (Chrome OS) 
Use these shortcuts with the ChromeVox screen reader for the Chrome OS.
Description Shortcut
Start ChromeVox Ctrl+Alt+Z
Navigate between controls (buttons, links, and so on) Tab or Shift+Tab
Navigate between each and every element  Shift+Search+Arrow keys
NVDA screen reader shortcuts (Windows)
Use these shortcuts with the NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader for Microsoft Windows.
Description Shortcut
Start NVDA Ctrl+Alt+N

Caps Lock+Q 
(if Caps Lock is set as the NVDA Modifier key)

Pause speech Convert to snippetShift
Stop speech Control
Next link K
Next heading H
Next table T
Next list L
Previous link Shift+K
Previous heading Shift + H
Previous table Shift + T
Previous list Shift + L
Resume video from start point J
Play or pause the video  K
Next graphic/image G
Previous graphic/image Shift+G
Next Frame M
Previous Frame Shift + M
Next column in table Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow
Previous column in table Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow
Next row in table Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow
Previous row in table Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow
Say all NVDA+Down arrow
NVDA modifier key

Caps Lock

(you must set Caps Lock as NVDA modifier key)

Change mode of NVDA Caps Lock


JAWS screen reader shortcuts (Windows)
Use these shortcuts with the Job Access With Speech (JAWS) screen reader for Windows.
Description Shortcut
Navigate between controls (buttons, links, etc.) Tab/Shift+Tab
Anchor A
Button B
Combo Box C
Different Type Element D
Edit Box E
Form Control F
Graphic G
Heading H
Item in a List I
Jump to Line J
Return to Previous Line Shift+J
Jump to Cell (Within Table) Ctrl+Windows Key+J
Return to Previous Table Cell Ctrl+Shift+Windows Key+J
Place Marker K
Temporary Place marker Ctrl+K
List L
Frame M
Non Link Text N
Object Tag O
Paragraph P
Block Quote Q
Radio Button R
Same Type Element S
Table T
Unvisited Link U
Visited Link V
Check Box X
Division Z
Heading at Level 1-6
Step Past Element Shift+Period
Step Before Element Shift+Comma


VoiceOver screen reader shortcuts (macOS)
Use these shortcuts with the  VoiceOver screen reader for the macOS.
Description Shortcut
VoiceOver key Ctrl+Alt
Read all (published site) VO+A
Start or stop the VoiceOver Command+F5
Item chooser Ctrl+Alt+L
Next image link 
(published site)
Previous image link 
(published site)
Previous link 
(published site)
Next link Ctrl+Option+Command+L
Start interacting with items or sections VO+Shift+Down arrow
Stop interacting with items or sections VO+Shift+Up arrow
Navigate between options in a section VO+Shift+Right or Left arrow

Navigate in Google Sites

Use your standard screen reader navigation keys along with Sites keyboard shortcuts.

Open or create a site

  • Open a site: Open and navigate through the page until you hear the name of the site you'd like to open. Press Enter.
  • Create a new site: Open and go to the "Create" button, then press Enter.

Create a page

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut c.
  2. When prompted, enter the name of the page.
  3. Navigate to the template drop-down menu. You can keep the default or use the up and down arrows to select a template.
  4. To choose a location for the new page, select a button under the heading "Select a location."
  5. Navigate to the "Create" button and press Enter.

Edit a page

  1. On the page that you want to edit, press e to switch to editing mode.
  2. After you enter editing mode, Sites displays application menus and an editing toolbar. To use these menus, use Sites shortcuts along with your screen reader keystrokes.
  3. To save your changes, press Ctrl + s (Windows, Chrome OS) or ⌘ + s (Mac).
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