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If you've built a site you think others might want to use, add it to the Template gallery. When someone else wants to build a similar kind of site, they can begin with your template. For example, you might create an Events template for school groups or sports teams, a Product Rollout template for planning product launches in your company, a Training template for posting course information in your school, and so on. Anyone using your template starts with their own copy of it, that they can add to and revise however they want.

Your template becomes available to everyone using Sites in a public gallery. Or if you're using Google Apps with your own domain, it's available only to people in your domain in a private gallery. Templates are a great way to share your designs, build sites more quickly, and promote a common look for sites on your company or school intranet.

Ready to begin? Add a template to the gallery

Are you the administrator of a domain using Google Apps? See what administrators can do with templates.
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