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Choose search options for your site

If you are a site owner, you can control what visitors search when they enter a term in the search box on your site. For instance, they can search only your site, your site and its attachments, or a collection of sites you own.

Search options for your site

  • Search across multiple sites: This option expands your search to include other sites. For example, you might configure the search box to search all similar sites that you own to increase the relevant content searched.
  • Search across the entire domain: If you are running a site as part of an organization, you might want to change the search box to search across all sites in your organizational domain.
  • Search using a Custom Search Engine: If you are running a wiki site, for instance, you might offer the option to search on a particular topic using a Custom Search Engine, which includes third-party sites on the same topic.
  • Search using a Google Search Appliance: If you have an intranet site, for example, you might power the search box with a Google Search Appliance, which also crawls additional applications behind the firewall. To configure this, just copy and paste the URL from a results page from your Google Search Appliance -- Google Sites will extract the necessary configuration options from the URL.

If you only choose one option for your search, that will be the default search and visitors to your site will only see the search button next to the search box. If you choose to have multiple search options, visitors to your site will see a drop-down list next to the search box so that they can select what type of search they want.

Adding search options to your site

To enable or create search options for your site:

  1. Click the More actions button and select Manage site.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Click "Configure search."
  4. Select the Advanced tab.
  5. Click "Add provider," select a provider from the drop-down menu, and specify a name.
    • To search across multiple sites, select each site from the Sites to include drop-down menu, and click Add site.
    • To use a Google Custom Search, provide the URL of your custom search, putting your Custom Search Enginge ID after cx=. For example, the URL might look like this (with your Custom Search Engine ID in bold):
    • To use a Google Search Appliance, provide the URL of a search result page. Since the search term will be replaced with the text that your visitors type in the search box, you may simply search for "test" within your search appliance and use the resulting URL (for example,
  6. Click "OK" to add the search provider.
  7. If you want to make your new search provider the default search, select the General tab and choose your new provider from the drop-down menu next to By default search.
  8. Click "OK," then click "Save Changes" to save your new search settings.

If you'd like to remove search from your site, uncheck the "Enable Search" box.

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