Errors while mapping your site to a Google Apps domain

Say that your site URL is, and then you purchase the domain using Google Apps. When you try to map your existing site to the new domain, you'll see this error message: 'This location is already in use by another service, please pick a different one.'

The reason you get this message is that when you sign up for Google Apps, we automatically create a site at mapped to When you try to map to, this doesn't work, because we've already mapped it for you.

Here's how you can solve this problem:

  1. Sign in to the control panel at
  2. Click the Settings tab and then select Sites in the left column.
  3. Click the Web Address Mapping tab, where you'll see the www mapping. Select the checkbox and click the Delete mapping button.
  4. Click Domain Settings tab.
  5. Click the Domain names tab.
  6. Under the Primary Domain section, click the Advanced DNS Settings link, and read instructions on how to sign in to the DNS registrar's website (either GoDaddy or eNom).
  7. Sign in to the DNS registrar, and map the CNAME of www to
  8. Try to set the web address mapping of to
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