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Track earnings with AdSense

You can view your earnings at any time by logging in to your account at and clicking the Reports tab. You'll be able to see the total number of page and ad unit impressions, ad clicks, clickthrough rate, effective CPM, and your total earnings so you can get an idea of how well the program is performing for you and how much you can expect to earn over time in the program.

The Google ads you are able to display on your content pages can be either cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. This means that advertisers pay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser's ad is shown on your site. You'll receive a portion of the amount paid for either activity on your website. Although we don't disclose the exact revenue share, our goal is to enable publishers to make as much or more than they could with other advertising networks.

For more information on Google AdSense, please visit the AdSense Help Center.

Starting October 10, 2013, it will no longer be possible to add or modify AdSense ad code on Google Sites pages. See changes to AdSense on Google Sites.
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