Create a site for mobile devices

Choose a mobile template

With one of the following Google Sites mobile landing page templates, you can build a professional mobile landing page in minutes. These templates are available for free and don't require any coding skills like HTML or CSS.

Expand one of the following sections to find instructions about how to use our landing page templates.

Restaurant template

The restaurant mobile template creates an easy way for your patrons to find information about your restaurant. This template comes with multiple pages so you can include special offers, your menu and directions.

restaurant template

The Google Maps gadget lets you edit and customize your restaurant's location. The click-to-call button makes it easy for patrons to call you with a single click.

To edit the buttons in the footer at the bottom of the restaurant template:

  1. Select Manage site from the “More actions” drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Site layout tab.
  3. Click edit footer content.
  4. Use the pop-up editor to add or edit text, images, links and more.
  5. To make sure you don't lose your hard work, click OK and then Save changes.

Local business template

The local business mobile template uses an interactive Google Map and a click-to-call button to make it easy for your mobile customers to find and contact you.

business template

Lead Generation template

The lead generation mobile template lets you generate leads through a Google form and store them on a Google spreadsheet so you can follow up on qualified leads.

form template

You can also embed this form on your desktop site for people that aren't visiting your mobile site.

Social template

The social mobile template lets your customers socially engage with your business. Add the social button to link your mobile site to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

social template

eCommerce template

To use this template, you must have a Google Checkout Merchant account.

The eCommerce mobile template lets you sell products or services on mobile devices using Google Checkout buttons

checkout template

When you load the template, you’ll see a placeholder Google Checkout button. To set up Google Checkout on your mobile site, delete this button and insert a Google Checkout Buy Now button.

You can also insert the click-to-call gadget to allow patrons to call you directly about order inquiries, purchasing, or any other questions.

Custom template

The custom mobile template lets you design your own mobile site or landing page. To take advantage of mobile-only functionality and add style to your site, add one or more of the mobile buttons.