Starting September 1, 2021, classic Sites will not be viewable by others. Learn how to convert to new Sites today.

Siden du har forespurt, er ikke tilgjengelig på språket ditt ennå. Du kan velge et annet språk nederst på siden. Eventuelt kan du bruke den innebygde oversettingsfunksjonen i Google Chrome til å oversette en hvilken som helst nettside til det språket du foretrekker.

Fix a problem with Google Sites

If you can't see a site or page, you can try to fix it.

"You need permission"

You'll see this error if you don't have permission to see an item on the page.

Here are some steps you can try:

Can't use new Google Sites

Here are some steps you can try:

"404" errors

You'll see this error if you visited a site or page that doesn’t exist, or that you don’t have permission to see.

If you use Google Sites for school or work, contact your admin for help.

You can also ask for help on the Google Sites Help Forum.

Report a problem or illegal activity

You can report a Google Site if you think it breaks one or more of our Program policies.

  1. At the bottom right of any new Sites page, or bottom left of any classic Sites page, click Report abuse.
  2. Complete the report and click Submit.

Learn how to report illegal activity.

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