Charges and authorizations

If you order from multiple stores, you’ll see separate charges for each store you order from, as well as a separate charge from Google for the shipping & service fee.

Once you place an order, your card’s account statement may first reflect the full amount seen in your order confirmation email, or the Orders page on our site. Please note: this initial authorization won’t reflect any applicable promotional codes or other discounts. 

If an item isn’t available or costs less than was originally estimated at checkout online, this will be reflected after the initial authorization. The charge will be processed through Google Payments when your order’s paid for in the store. You’ll see the final amount charged to your card in your delivery confirmation email, and reflected on your Orders page on the site after delivery. 

Typically, it takes 7-10 business days for the final charge to process. This means you may not see the adjustment for several days on either your Google Payments account or your credit card statement.  

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