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Search Ads 360 overview


A Google Ads feature that automatically adds a parameter to your URLs to help you track offline conversions and report on your ad performance using website tracking programs like Google Analytics.

  • Auto-tagging will attach the “Google Click Identifier” (GCLID) parameter to the URL your customers click, and that will help you tell which ad was clicked for each visit to your site. 
    In some cases, a GCLID might not be available due to application settings.
  • Google Analytics and similar programs can use the information from auto-tagged URLs to tell you which Google Ads keywords brought a visitor to your site, which campaign that keyword was from, and how much that click cost. You can also use this information to import complex conversions into Google Ads, whether online or offline. Learn about the benefits of auto-tagging in Google Analytics help center.

How to check if auto-tagging is turned on in Google Ads

  1. In Google Ads, click Settings in the left page menu.

  2. Click Account settings.

  3. Verify that "Yes" is displayed in the Auto-tagging section.

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