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Create and edit URLs and parameters

Add mixed protocols to Baidu keywords

Search Ads 360 allows you to use a combination of secure (https) and conventional (http) protocols when specifying the final URL associated with a Baidu keyword. This feature lets you define which protocol to use when trafficking a click, based on whether the referring device is mobile or not.

Special syntax is required to use this feature. To take advantage of this, you must update your URLs to use brackets containing conditionals, as shown in the examples below. There are a number of ways to add or edit the landing page URL associated with a keyword. A complete list, including steps, can be found here.


You can either specify the protocol inside of the conditionals, or inherit the protocol from outside conditionals.

Specify inside

To specify the protocol inside, add your domain (including the desired protocol) to both conditionals, like this:


This will result in following URLs:

  • Final URL:
  • Final mobile URL:
Note: because the protocols defined inside of the conditionals take precedence over the leading protocol, the results will be the same if you use "https://" before the first conditional.

Inherit from outside

If you omit the protocol from inside of the conditional, the protocol will be inherited from what you lead with outside of the braces.


This will result in the following URLs:

  • Final URL:
  • Final mobile URL:

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